About Iris - The Business Hotel and Spa in Bangalore

Iris is a Classified Three Star Hotel. It is an integral part of Forty Two Estates which is a rapidly thriving conglomerate, headquartered in Bangalore with operations in Kannur, Dubai and New york.

Conveniently set in the heart of Brigade Road, one of the biggest commercial centres and busiest shopping paradises of Bangalore. Iris Hotel opens the doors to a lively hotel experience with state-of-the-art hospitality and unrivalled business facilities for guests. With a perfect amalgam of opulent luxury, unprecedented comfort and personalised services, Iris Hotel is a preferred stop for business travellers visiting Bangalore. This hotel near MG Road, Bangalore, can be overwhelming for travellers, especially those in town on business with little leisure time at their disposal.
Iris Hotel is one of the best business hotels and spas on Brigade Road, Bangalore, where you can relax in an atmosphere of comfort and culture while being close to some of Bangalore's finest attractions.

Since inception, 42 Estates have been building path-breaking edifices and reshaping spaces for client’s comfort, ease of usability, style, and luxury. 42 Estates have firmly ingrained business footprints in different locations around the world like the United States, Bangalore and Dubai, where its development make a unique imprint to the city’s skyline. With development marvels, design innovations, and architectural aesthetics we have carved a name in the residential and hospitality sector .Although 42 Estates brings to the table a continental fervour to their designs with astounding diversity we conform to the local norms, conditions, and the market forces. This makes 42 Estates a truly unique and innovative firm with a global perspective. 42 estates Group also has interest in trading and Interior design. 

42 Estates is an organization which has grown owing to its emphasis on customer experience at every stage of the development process which is the key factor behind all its efforts and decisions. Our business processes are designed by stalwarts from the industry keeping in mind the end-user. Customer centricity has been the primary driving value behind all our efforts which is so evident in our design and execution as they excel in aesthetics but are built for convenience and to last.

Group also manages Prestige Trades a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, dealer for building material and distributor of plywood/block of high quality under the brand name PRESTIGE. The company offers a wide variety of plywood, block boards, flush doors, and film face shuttering plywood and many such products to numerous customers across Bangalore. ‘Prestige’ marine & commercial plywood, block boards and flush doors are known for their durability, quality, strength, and suitable prices. We have a team of experienced workmen and other professionals who have expertise in manufacturing world-class flush doors, block boards, and plywood. Group is mentored by- Mr. Shakeer P. Kandy, Mr. Kabir. P. Kandy and Gaffar P. Kandy have spent long time in this business domain and led us to a respected place over the years. Group also owns Prestige Global Trades a firm that distributes Whirlpool appliance for Bangalore region. 

Zion Hills Golf County is the brainchild of a team of passionate individuals united by their goal to bring a world class golf side living culture to Bangalore. The project is executed with an association 42 Estates, a leading company, a company singularly focused on bringing the dream of Zion Hills Golf County to reality, in association with a network of associates from across the world.

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